My Kingdom for the Princess

My Kingdom for the Princess

Become the most productive prince and marry the king's daughter
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In this game, King Mark wants his daughter to marry with one of the three King Arthur's sons. Arthur gives each of his sons one part of the kingdom so they can work and make it thrive. King Mark will give his daughter's hand to the prince who can become the most successful, so the three princes need to work hard, each in their own part of the kingdom, to win the princess' hand.

To do so, each prince needs to accomplish different tasks, such as building a shack to live in, a sawmill to obtain the wood they need to repair the buildings, and to clear the roads to reach resources such as food and wood planks. Once each prince has achieved all these tasks, he needs to recover an artifact to pass to the next level. Each prince needs to obtain five artifacts and make more things in less time.

It is a fun and entertaining time-management and strategy game. Although the graphics are average, they serve their function. Also, the music has a medieval flavor very appropriate to the spirit of the game. If you like strategy and time-management games, you may want to try this one.

You can play the trial version during 60 minutes. If you like the game and want to play it longer, then you will need to purchase a license, which is very affordable.

Victor Hernandez
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